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Service System
The ACOMARC® service system monitors all movement of technicians to and from service calls, installation jobs and periodic maintenance calls. When a new service call comes in, the system will create a call slip that will be tracked through dispatching, material usage and invoicing. When the service call is finished, you will have your complete history and profitability in one easy location.

Service Agreements
Service agreements are easy and flexible with ACOMARC. When the inspection is due, the system will automatically create your inspection slips with your detailed instructions and assign them to your dispatch board. Invoicing the service agreement is easy and automatic whether it is monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually and can even invoice different amounts each billing.

Customer Information
The customer file is a very powerful part of the ACOMARC software package. One or hundreds of sites can be assigned to a single customer’s billing address and the complete history will be tracked by each individual site. The customer file can be merged into the word processing system to create personalized letters, service agreement renewals, marketing promotions and other direct mailings.

Dynamic Scheduler
The Dynamic Scheduler is the ultimate in on-line dispatching. It utilizes the power of the computer and visual display of color to make scheduling and dispatching both efficient and easy to use. The Dynamic Scheduler can help your staff increase office and field productivity and heighten the number of calls serviced as well as billable time, while increasing the quality of your customer service.

The equipment file is a comprehensive database which maintains critical warranty reserve, billing, preventative maintenance, warranty and service history information for each piece of equipment entered. Full detailed information and history can be tracked by individual piece of equipment.

Job Cost
The Job Cost module provides access to every operation required to handle the set up and ongoing maintenance of all sizes of jobs. Estimates, change orders, subcontractor data, purchase orders, vendor invoices, billing and material receiving entries are systematically and historically maintained. A job cost history program records every transaction that is posted to the job and alerts management to problem areas within individual phases of a job. Management reports on job profitability can be printed or viewed on the screen. Comparison of budgets to actual costs become easy, whether the job runs for days, months or years. Extras or change orders are tracked along with the original job and can be broken down into phases if precise cost control is desired. Extras can be billed separately or as part of the original job. Gross margins for extras can be viewed individually or calculated into the overall profit margins. This unique benefit of the ACOMARC job cost module allows you to easily monitor your overall true costs and profits from each and every job.
General Ledger
The ACOMARC General Ledger module produces accurate and timely financial reporting necessary for you to manage your firm in today’s fluctuating economy. When posting from Job Cost, Payroll, A/R, Inventory and A/P, the General Ledger is automatically updated, eliminating the need for multiple posting of information. The Income Statements can be printed by company, department or division level and can even be consolidated if you are running multiple companies.

Accounts Payable
The ACOMARC comprehensive Accounts Payable module is an integral part of the system. With each entry of an invoice, this powerful tool automatically upgrades Job Cost, Purchase Order information and posts to the appropriate accounts in the General Ledger. Flexible management tools provide current cash position for any date selected. In addition to check writing, the module provides complete vendor history and payment analysis, plus the ability to change due dates for discounts. The A/P module will allow you to control cash, instead of letting it control you.

Accounts Receivable
The ACOMARC Accounts Receivable system offers a sophisticated, yet simple to operate, method of accomplishing all the general accounting functions associated with A/R. Data is entered into the respective modules, Service, Job Cost, and Contract Invoicing. The invoices are reviewed, adjusted and then transferred to Accounts Receivable. The Accounts Receivable module is fully integrated to the General Ledger, Job Cost and Service. All customer transactions are stored in permanent history files for future retrieval and reporting.

Payroll is one of the most important tasks that your staff must perform. The Payroll module provides you with a flexible, easy to operate method for dealing with ongoing functions related to payroll. This comprehensive payroll module helps to eliminate errors and reduce staff time, while automatically producing numerous government and union reports. Payroll integrates to the Service, Unapplied Time and Job Cost modules.

The inventory control system is designed to provide an efficient method for organizing and controlling all inventory transactions. The ACOMARC software package tracks warehouse, truck, site, tool, serialized, floor planning and packaged parts inventory and even supports bar-coding. Reordering stock and restocking trucks is easy with ACOMARC.
Fleet Maintenance
Fleet Maintenance is designed to track information on the drivers and vehicles in a fleet so that every time the vehicle is serviced or fuel is purchased, the information is posted to that vehicle and driver’s record. The system will track a calendar of due dates and mileage for each vehicle, and its set of required services. At any time, you may produce reports charting the upcoming and past due dates of any or all vehicles. The system will also allow you to monitor lease payments and due dates, and is integrated to Accounts Payable.
Office System
The Office System contains features that make every-day office tasks more efficient.

Marketing/Lead File
The ACOMARC lead files enable the user to maintain information on potential customers, former customers and customers whose contract type should be upgraded. Your T&M or expiring Warranty Contract customers may be eager to acquire some form of service contract, and ACOMARC can help you sell that opportunity. The lead file provides the vital information about your sales prospect and a complete list of all mechanical equipment. The user is prompted by the ticker diary when contact must be made with each potential customer via telephone, personal visit or letters.
Point of Sale
The ACOMARC Point of Sale module is an ideal solution for contractors looking to integrate their over-the-counter parts sales into their main software package. Cash drawers can be tracked by user and daily transaction totals are posted to Accounts Receivable. Point of Sale is also integrated to the Inventory Module, with the ability to apply a different pricing schedule to parts sold OTC than the markup rates you normally charge on a service call.